Is my current website old or outdated?

Websites that look old or outdated won’t convert into leads or sales because they seem untrustworthy and unkempt to potential customers. Your website is the online storefront for your company regardless of your business.

Is my current website fully mobile and tablet responsive?

Over 70% of website traffic in 2018 and into 2019 was from a smartphone, Google now ranks your website based on its mobile performance alone. Canyou afford to lose so much traffic and business?

Does your website get the trafffic it could be getting? If your site isnt cutting edge and updated regularly, it is not going to be; it's that simple.

It’s great having a website, but if it isn’t designed or developed right you won’t get the traffic you need.

Am I happy with my current web designer?

If your website isn't using the latest methods and technologies and performing well in search; the chances are that your relationship with your current web designer may be time expired! Call us to find out how we can help realise your goals

Web Design Sheffield

For us, effective web design starts not with a web developer, but with a cup of coffee and a chat.

Because before we do anything, we want to listen to you talk about your business, your goals, your vision and your customers. Then we ask you lots and lots of questions and, hopefully, get to answer some as well. Only when we’re all happy that what you really want is what you really need do we start putting pen to paper. Or pointer to pixel.

Interactive Web Design Solutions

Stand out from the crowd. Engage and impress visitors with engaging interactive design. It’s a big internet out there and bold standout interactive web design is a great way to demonstrate what’s special about what you do. Our interactive designs are developed to offer visual appeal, big ROI, ease of use combined with excellent functionality.

Mobile Focused Design

75% of internet users are using mobile devices, a searchy built website knows this

All of our websites are fully responsive on all devices and follow all industry best practices using the latest cutting edge technologies. What’s more, if you use a Searchy website maintenance package then we will maintain your site within the package allowance over the coming months and years to keep up with the ever advancing digital revolution. A website is not a static ‘ok thats it all done’ deal to compete in the modern marketplace. Searchy has the skills and people to not only build you an amazing website (from mild to wild) but we can maintain it and update it into the future if required.

UX Expertise

Maximise conversions and boost customer engagement with a UX (user experience) focussed website. We use a cunning mixture of market analysis, persona creation, user testing, user flows and extensive research to make your website as user friendly as possible. This will ensure a low bounce rate from your visitors.

What we do?

We are laser focused digital agency so that includes website design, mobile, web development, eCommerce, iOS & Android, strategy, online marketing, SEO and analytics. We also can provide server hosting, server builds (we specialise in unix) and windows and unix web server remote management.

So what's the best Web Design option for my business?

Good question – Website design needs will vary depending on what you need your website to do for your business.  For example a business that doesn’t sell online will not need any eCommerce functionality. But if your website needs to generate and convert leads, it will definately need a contact form and a sales funnel in place to drive that conversion process. All of our websites are optimised to perform well in Google and we also provide a free 12 month commercial security certificate with each new website build, so you can be assured your site will meet the latest security standards.