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Search Engine Optimisation is a complex and rapidly changing industry. It is one of the most effective (in ROI) marketing techniques used in the digital age in improving leads and sales. An SEO (Search Engine Optimiser) helps improve a websites visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for a given number of chosen keywords that relate to the products and services you sell/offer.

Searchy’s team of experts have been operating in this field from early 1999 and since then, the scope, tactics and methodologies to increase search engine rankings of a website have gone through a wide array of changes.  Our SEO services include a number of key elements that form the foundations of what SEO is today. These include linking strategies (and link outreach), content creation and optimisation, on-age technical HTML improvements for SEO, site speed and security analysis, Mobile responsiveness and more. We continuously monitor and adher to Google’s guidelines, ensuring the websites we build and optimise work to position themselves on Google’s first result page and build a solid foundation for their digital presence.

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Finding an SEO agency with a proven pedigree who can provide a meaningful benefit to your business can be a difficult task, especially when the industry is saturated with organisations promising Google Top 1 rankings and a Holywood esque lifestyle.

In reality, no company can promise a position 1 ranking in Google or any other search engine. Resultantly, we cannot promise top 1 rankings, but check out our success page which talks about the fantastic results we have achieved for our clients. As a results focused agency we have never not delivered on a project brief, if you have the budget we will make it happen. Searchy have turned small local retailers into national competing organisations. Our SEO strategies have and continue to conquer giants in the industry (such as Amazon / Ebay /, Screwfix and more) With massively boosted bottom lines and an ever growing business, our clients not only retain us but ask us to do more of our magic to their digital properties.

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If you search on Google for the products and services you sell or offer but all you see is your competition, that is a definitive sign to start investing in SEO. Remember, the longer you leave it, the more of a lead your competitors are developing on you.

Although seldom a quick fix, SEO when done well can cement your business at the top of Google (and Bing) search results and generate traffic to your website and resultant enquiries in a way very few other 21st century techniques can compete with. Well executed SEO campaigns are transformational to a business and make a giant contribution to a business’s growth plans. If you’re trying to grow your business you simply cannot ignore SEO and digital marketing avenues.

For every week you wait and 'prioritise' spend elsewhere, is another week your most savvy competitors are gaining a bigger and bigger short and long term (particularly) advantage over you.


A classic old trick of many old grey and black hat SEO’s and less nefarious but misguided webmasters of old. The old tricks used to involve filling as much of your content as possible with your keywords; for example ‘seo services’ as possible , so seo services is something we provide and seo services can greatly improve your business’ bottom line…. Doesn’t read very well, right?

Indeed, keyword stuffing is 1/ bad for user experience  – because it clearly makes text very hard to read. 2/ keyword stuffing is completely innefective and could get you a manual or algorithmic penalty from Google. 3/ keyword stuffing was from many years ago!

Poorly optimised Meta tags and H1 tags are a common issue on many websites. You need to use proper SEO research data to find out the search terms that people are looking for (for your product or service) and then build pages accordingly. Google want’s to see high quality, legitimate content, but the proviso of this is you need to be naming it correctly so that it can be found by the right users.

Duplicate content is a big problem for website owners, especially if you’re already paying a lot of money in SEO services and not making any progress with your SERPS (search engine ranking positions). There are two main issues with duplicate content;

1) Google doesn’t like it. Depending on how much there is of it, it could lead to a manual action penalty. See our Google Penalty Services if you already have one of these.

2) Most website owners or in house ‘computer staff’ don’t know where it is , how to find it, why it happens, or what action to take. Filters and categories are the worst offenders, closely followed by archives.

You may have noticedthat some of your URLs include ?’s or ! or even a random set of numbers for a product, service or any other type of page on your website. This essentially means your URLs are not SEO friendly and will be not reaching their potential in google. A hierarchical structure and a clean path to a product within a URL is one of Google’s algorithmic factors. Super authoritative sites in Google’s search algorithm such as Amazon or ebay do not have to abide by the same rules, but for any local or national service (or product) business, the website needs to have a structure that is spider friendly. Searchy have our own spiders (not pet ones!), which will simualte search engine crawls and we can optimise your site structure to generate some search engine love.


The answer to that is an emphatic YES. We have worked with many different companies over the years and have seen small local companies go national on quite a few occasions.

Some of our clients have ended up with too much business to be able to service it all (eg. they did not have enough staff to provide the service or enough product to fulfill orders). While this sounds amazing, which it is, you need to be prepared at your end for the potential increases in business that one of our SEO campaigns can bring. Your digital business reputation essentially resides in the main review sites like Trustpilot, and Google reviews; the idea is to build as many good ones as you can!

Financially speaking, it is entirely possible that you could end up with 200-1000% plus increase in turnover after working with us on a longer term digital marketing campaign.

Digital Glory is not won overnight, and needs a strategic partner to lead the way; combined with a committed approach to long term growth.