Complex website structure and platform audit

IG is a United Kingdom based company that provides a platform for trading in financial derivatives slike CFD's (Contract for Difference) and financial spread betting and since 2014 they have offered stockbroking to retail traders. The company has expanded internationally however their core market remains as being a backbone provider of trading platform services to the UK.

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World class Fintech Skills

The Searchy team used their cutting edge development skills to provide a full house suite of services to the IG project. The timescale for the project was 16 weeks and all work was completed within the agreed timeframe, with zero downtime!
Searchys expert server admins are professionals at creating staged development environments to ensure that a project is carried out in an identical but non critical staging environment. This can be very complex when some sites are changing data and even structure on a daily basis. Our work is ongoing with IG and as such we are not able to disclose finite details of the project due to NDA's