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Appliances online was started by John Winning back in 2005. He had worked for the family domestic appliance business for 8 years and spent a good part of every day helping customers out whose white goods and appliances had recently broken or failed. Over and over, he heard the same thing: When your fridge dies, you have need to replace it ASAP. But fridges seem to choose the most inconvenient times to break - usually when all the shops are closed or your working late all week. This need that John identified for 'instant appliances' was the backbone and foundation behind starting Appliances online.

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Our brief with a giant audit such as was firstly to draw up a data map of the site structure. Naturally on an established site that has evolved over years, the code can be complex and the structure layered very deeply. Searchy's specialists took the site apart structurally speaking and then ploughed into analysing different aspects of the site. Product pages, category pages, checkout process, user journey, bug testing, duplicate URL finding, content mapping and much more.
At the end of a long term approach the SEO audit and technical recommendations all added, the sites traffic has grown by almost 25% with bounce rate down by a whopping 25% in addition to this.