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3Howls were a unique proposition for Searchy Digital and the first distillery we had worked with. As a curated distiller we were asked to develop a strong digital campaign to build on and expand their brand. This was undertaken with our specialists using various different channels like Organic SEO, Google Ads, Facebook ads and some Instagram Influencer promotions. The launch of a new drinks range was the hub of the campaign aimed at bringing the brand to a wider audience. Check out the stats below to see how we performed!

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Searchy instigated our own detailed market and customer research to find the typical buyer (business) and consumer (customer) of 3 Howls products, and from there we crafted some cutting edge Facebook marketing campaigns, along with some solid technical organic SEO and Google Ads campaigns, content creation and promotion; and an overall marketing strategy.
Results were stellar with a 400% increase in sales for the year (and this growth has continued to date) over the previous year and recognition from major sellers who started selling the companies product ranges.