Ecommerce Website Design

We have more than 20 years of ecommerce development experience; from the early days of the internet our founder and lead developers have been working on ecommerce sites, from a ground up ecommerce site build including product population and user training, to a software migration, to rebranding and site updates. Ecommerce is our lifeblood and we live and breathe this area of digital. Let us help you realise and exceed your ecommerce goals; we can suggest the best framework for your use case and requirements, and all of ours sites are ‘built to rank’ so they are SEO optimised from the ground up unlike 99% of other ‘solutions’ offered by our competitors.


Our top team members have in excess of 15,000 - 20,000+ hours experience each in the ecommerce arena. That brings a whole heap of firepower to your companies ecommerce aspirations. We use a wide variety of ecommerce platforms; depending on a clients goals and some of our favoured platforms are Opencart, CS Cart or for some applications Woocommerce.  Our ecommerce projects are built using our specialist knowledge of ecommerce SEO unlike many sites we are asked to remake.  Our site structures are created from thousands of hours researching, creating and testing site structures! We know what works, for what products and our track record of building and maintaining 6 and 7 figure ecommerce sites guarantees stellar results every time.


We can migrate your current ecommerce site to a new platform, if you have outgrown your current platform or are not seeing the results you hoped for with your ecommerce operation. We can migrate you from any ecommerce platform to any new ecommerce platform. These include 3d cart, Big Commerce, CS Cart, Magento, Hikashop, Opencart, Prestashop, OS Commerce, Shopify (from), Squarespace, Volusion, Woocommerce, Xcart and many more (from/to any ecommerce package). Some migrations are more work than others, and the larger your current store, the more planning and work that is required. As part of all of our migrations we do a full SEO plan and URL mapping from old store > new store so that the migration is achieved with no downtime and no missing pages and lost rankings.


We are experienced on a wide range of Ecommerce platforms and have been building, running and optimising (ecommerce SEO) sucessful ecommerce sites for over 20 years. Our specialism in ecommerce platform is Opencart 1,2 or 3 and CS Cart and if you require a ground up ecommerce custom site we have  experience in developing solutions based on the Symphony framework.  We can do site upgrades where we port you to the latest version of the ecommerce software you are running on, for example Magento 1.9 had all security updates stopped in late 2019, we can update to Magento 2 (a fresh start essentially) or port you to a better ecommerce platform like Opencart or CS Cart if that is your preferred route. All of our sites are Built To Rank; they are mobile responsive, google insights fast and SSL out of the box, in addition to having a perfect SEO structure. You can also use our ecommerce seo services to blast off your commerce business to the moon.


All of our ecommerce solutions are built with the end goal of ranking in the search engines (aka Google!) . This is a different modus operandi from other digital agencies who are not heavily focused on ecommerce services. Many times a client will come to us and say 'we had xyz build us this site, but we dont get any traffic, can you help us'. Well, yes we can but ecommerce is a full scope industry meaning that we think of every element before making a proposal or setting to work on a project. We want you to make lots of sales on your new or revamped ecommerce site; its good for our business as well as yours..


For some businesses, your specific requirements can mean that we need to use a custom approach to building your ecommerce store. For this we generally use the shopsys or symphony framework which allows us to develop a custom application that can literally do anything you want. Some huge sites run on this framework and it us infinately scaleable and customisable, they sky is literally; the limit, with this approach. We can tie in with your API's, develop new API's , integrate with your shipping providers, payment providers and more. Naturally, site structure and SEO are an integral part of a custom site build in addition to site speed, site security and more. Do you need a custom ecommerce solution? please call us to discuss