Digital Transformation

Digitally transforming your businesscompany is a big step to take – we know, we are continually undertaking it on ourselves and we have helped many other businesses along the way. The benefits of a digital transformation will be clearly seen by 2020, as businesses who adapt to the future are estimated to generate at least 50% of revenue and growing from this business model.

Lethargic offline processes or insufficient or incorrect data can hinder your business development seriously and modern day tech savvy customers expect more and more. Cisco recently compiled a study that estimated around 23 billion networked devices  will be in the wild across the globe by 2020. This relates to the predicted 800% growth of mobile data until 2022. With the impending rollout from 4g to 5g this growth curve is set to increase.

The benefits of having a well-thought-out digital strategy and presence for your brand far outweigh keeping your business (or aspects of) offline because you maybe are unsure of what digital can do for your business or are concerned about the sheer amount of work and potential change involved in taking this route.

When it comes to being and staying competitive in your marketplace, IDC estimates that over 60% of enterprises will develop and implement a digital platform strategy by 2020.  These statistics highlight how crucial it is to keep your business fresh and up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. It also means that 40% of enterprises still wont have developed and implemented a solid digital strategy by 2020; meaning that this is a significant area of potential opportunity for those forward thinking companies who do embrace digital, to exploit.